About us

Alien DNA is an alternative and independent czech streetwear company with a long history. We opened our first store in Prague in 2003. The brand is characteristic for its design, which mixes the influences of comics, street art, cyberpunk and free techno culture.

“We came out of the dust of rave parties and made streetwear as symbol.”

Our flagships are HOODIES. We have been cooperating on their production from the very beginning with experienced professionals of czech textile industry, whether on the construction, selection of fabrics and other components, which are also from local or european suppliers. We are proud to label our products Made in Czech Republic.

Rather than national patriotism, we appreciate that the local textile manufactory could be sustainable, under fair conditions and can keep on quality continuously. We belive that our clothing stand strong in competition with fast-fashion mass production.

We use mainly SILK-SCREEN PRINTING for our graphic designs and you will appreciate the careful handwork of prague print-masters in the durability of the print. We don’t cheat on it with some ironers-adhesives that will crack or peel off over time. We keep on quality and that our clothes make you happy for longer time, than you could expect:)

The author of the Alien DNA graphic designs is Jan Kokotek aka SGX, a founding member of CIRKUS ALIEN sound system, DJ and artist who created the visual appearance of its events and many others on the tekno and hardcore scene in Czech Republic and Europe since middle of 90´s.

Alien DNA includes also a SEWING STUDIO ruled by textile industry specialist Romana Hajkova, in where she creates small “hand-made-slow-fashion” series of clothing that have the ambition to become truly original and unique piece in your wardrobe. Graphic post-production is taken care of and valuable professional advice is provided by Ondřej Kebrdle, who also ensures preparation of our motifs before they are printed.

Visit our Alien DNA STORE in Prague. One of the oldest alternative shops you can find on Seifertova 16 in Prague 3 – Žižkov, Czech Republic. Open every weekday afternoon. We sell mainly clothing, but also graphics, accessories and selected vinyl records.

Alien´s E-SHOP is open 24/7 for your online orders and we ship to all countries of European Union by national Post Office, easy and secure payment via PayPal or card.