Terms and conditions

Seller: Jan Hájek Kokotek, IČO: 86646133, Pod Jarovem 2030, Praha 3, Czech republic, adress of the shop: Alien DNA store, Seifertova 16, Praha 3, Czech republic.

All shipments are delivered by Czech post and its international partners. 

Payment methods by orders from outside of Czech rep. is card online payment or PayPal.

The price shown do not include Shipping cost. Price for transport of the Shipment will be automatically added to the price of  goods ordered based on the size of your purchase and postal scales tariff into the country of destination.

Prices of shipping /inc.tax/

The price of shipping to the states of the European Union to purchase up to 850 CZK: 260CZK, from 851 to 1700CZK: 422CZK, from 1701 to 2700CZK: 543CZK, from 2701CZK to 4500CZK: 652CZK.

The price of shipping to other countries to purchase up to 770 CZK: 350CZK, from 771 to 1600CZK: 650CZK, from 1601 to 2700CZK: 770CZK, from 2701CZK to 4500CZK: 843CZK.

Time delivering shipments to countries of the European Union is about 5-14 days. Time for delivery to other countries is based on distance of the country and the speed of local postal services. Alien DNA has no responsibility for delay in delivery by the carrier. In the case of an exceptional delay the customer will be informed by mail or telephone.

If the postman does not reach you home, the goods will be stored at nearest post office for 2 weeks. And then return back to us.

The customer is recommended to inspect the goods immediately after receipt. If it is found mechanical damage to the packaging and shipment, the buyer is obliged to check the goods and if damaged out a report in the presence of the carrier. Incomplete or damaged shipment must immediately notify us by mail or telephone.

Seller declares that all personal data of the customer are confidential and will be used only to carry out the contract with the buyer and will not be otherwise disclosed to any third person, with the exception of situations related to the distribution or payment system concerning ordered goods (the name and delivery address for carrier Czech Post).

Customer can return or exchange goods within 14 days as provided in the terms and conditions. All costs associated with returning of the goods paid by buyer. The returned goods must be in perfect condition and packaged so as to prevent damage.

The warranty period is fixed by law at 24 months of receipt of the product. Claims arising from liability for defects and the warranty (claims) shall not apply to defects caused by mechanical, misuse or improper treatment of textiles. Justified complaints are handled within 30 days from the claim, unless the seller and the buyer agrees to another time. All paid articles thus returned will either be re-imbursed or their value can serve as credit in a new order.

Our client service can be contacted for all information, complaints or questions under info(at)aliendna.cz

The present contract is subject to Czech law. In case of litigation, only Czech law courts are considered to be competent.